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Owning a boat is a dream shared by many individuals. The allure of the sea and the freedom and peacefulness it brings is hard to deny, and it’s hard to own your own sea-fairing vessel without feeling at least a little bit like Captain Jack Sparrow. At the same time however it is for many of us a pipe dream – one that lies just outside of our grasp, not least due to financial restrictions.

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However, by shopping cleverly for used boats we can fulfil our dreams while still saving ourselves some money for fishing rods and a captain’s hat. In no time you can find yourself drifting around the Australian coast, with a healthy amount of material between you and those great whites. In the current economic climate more and more people are also selling up the things they consider unnecessary luxuries and the good news for those who can afford them is that that means boats. By heading online then you will be able to find a whole fleet of used boats for sale and browse them at your leisure (though you will have to leave your seat to actually retrieve your vessel, otherwise shipping costs could be astronomical…). When you do though, it will pay to know a little about the different types of boat available so you can pick the one that best fits the picture in your imagination and to prevent you coming away with a rubber dingy wholesale pipes. Following then are some basic descriptions of the most common types of boat:

Luxury Cruisers – Motor cruises are generally motorboats that include accommodation. This allows for holiday cruising and is great for small family vacations, or for drifting at sea for days in solitary isolation while working on your master work. Lookout for manufactures such as Jeanneau, Sealine, Fairline and Broom.

Dayboats – Dayboats are similar to motor cruises except they lack on board accommodation. This means they can be found for cheaper and in slightly smaller sizes. Great for fishermen or for day trips to islands etc.
Powerboats – Powerboats are for the more adventurous adrenaline junkies. The name refers to the power-to weight ratio which means they can travel quickly across water and jump over waves making them great for racing or sport. Look out for Seadoo or Ski Boats.

RIBs – RIB stands for ‘Rigid Hull Inflatable Boat’, named after its rigid hull (as you might imagine) and inflated buoyancy chambers. They are known for their handling and safety. Makes include JCraft Ribs, Ribcraft, Sadler Ribs and Avon Inflatables.

Canal Cruisers – ‘Canal cruisers’ can refer to Dutch barge style vessels as well as narrow boats. Narrow boats are obviously narrow and therefore useful for use in thin waterways such as rivers and canals, though are less suited to tides as they can easily be turned over. River ferries are another example of a narrow boat.

Yacht Cruisers – Yacht Cruises are sailboats with on board accommodation which are great for long distance voyages, even more so than motor cruisers as they aren’t reliant on fuel.

Daysailers – Daysailers, as you may have guessed if you’ve been paying attention so far, are sailboats that do not include accommodation. They are therefore great for short trips, fishing expeditions and those who just enjoy sailing.

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