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If you have a membership site that you are ready to sell, here are a few key points that can make it easier for your potential buyer to evaluate your site. The more information you can provide, the better your chance of having serious buyers take an interest. This will weed out the “tire kickers” and you will only spend time with people who are ready to buy. That’s how to make money online with anything, isn’t it?  You target your market to those who are most likely to buy!

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Prepare a document that explains these key items.

Traffic information and website statistics – Buyers will want to know how much traffic your membership site gets, including unique visitors, page impressions, the page rank, Alexa ranking, and various other website data. You will want to take screenshots and print out reports from Google Analytics, and provide info from your server logs or any statistics package you have on your server Best cannabis strains. List out how much traffic you get from each source and what the rate of conversion is for that source.

You will also want to detail how you drive traffic to your membership site and what you do to attract new members, and of course, explain what is the average length of time a member will stay with your program. Experienced internet marketers will want to know the lifetime customer value. If you have different levels of membership, at different prices, this information will help in evaluating how much room there is to increase the lifetime customer value.

Revenue – How much money your membership site generates each month. You will want to show exactly where revenue comes from, so if you have different membership levels, break down how many members are in each level and how much money is generated. Also, show the expenses so there is a clear picture of how much profit is made on a monthly basis. Showing a profit and loss statement for the previous year would be great. Obviously, you will want to go back as far as you can.

Level of ongoing work required – This is huge. If you have automated most of the functions of maintaining your site, of course this will be very attractive. You will want to detail what systems you have in place to keep the site running and growing so a perspective buyer can evaluate if they have the time required to do the tasks that are not automated. If they are going to have to hire out some of the functions, obviously this will eat into their profits.

The higher the price you are asking, the more detailed the information your buyer will probably want. You want to know how to make money online…well the buyer wants to be sure they know exactly what they are getting, especially if they are going to spend tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars. Keeping these few key points in mind when getting ready to put your membership site up for sale will help you make that sale!

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