Thu. Jan 20th, 2022

History is filled with stories of magic elixirs and potions that have special qualities regarding love and sex. Such potions are said to work their “magic” and make the opposite sex fall madly in love with the owner of the potion or to want to make wild and crazed love to them.

These ideas are not just the stories of fairy tales. Pheromones are naturally secretions that our bodies produce. They are believed to have an “attractive” quality on the opposite sex literotica. Some people swear by them and use them to attract the love of their lives.

However, Mother Nature was at this game a lot earlier than the witches in fairy tales and the chemists who create these pheromones in a laboratory. Men, prepare yourself for one of the greatest pieces of knowledge you will ever get. And that knowledge is how to tap into and utilize your own sex/love potion to get the women tearing their clothes off for you.

It’s quite simple, really. In fact, most things in life are usually pretty simple, we just get so caught up in other things that we “can’t see the forest for the trees,” as they say. This simple piece of knowledge is hanging out in your testicles, right at this very moment…

That is, that your sperm are your key to attracting women like you never could before.

Quite a fantastic thought, isn’t it? Well, here’s the deal: Scientists did a study in Spain with the attractiveness of Men from a Woman’s perspective. A series of men were shown to a series of women. The women could see the men, but the men could not see the women.

The men were fully dressed and the women knew nothing about the men. The men did not speak and there was no communication between the men and the women. The ladies were asked to make a list of the men that they found to be the most attractive and sexiest. From first to last.

While the women were tallying up their picks, the men were asked to provide a seminal fluid sample which the doctors examined (each sample) for the number of sperm and the health of the sperm.

Then the results were compared. The men that the women felt were the most attractive, were the exact same men who had the highest number of healthy sperm.

Let’s repeat that: The women were more attracted to men that had the highest number of healthy sperm!

That, my friendly reader, is your ticket to your Magic Love Potion or your Magic Sex Potion. Again, it’s simply a gift from Mother Nature. Women are more attracted to men that are more potent and are better equipped to father children. They call that Survival of the Fittest, Evolution, and Biology.

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