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In the early 1970s, one of the most widely used pieces of business technology saw its birth. The modern fax machine, finally mass marketed after years of fine-tuning to iron out both transmission and reception problems, burst onto the scene. This technology revolutionized business, allowing documents to be sent half a world away so long as both receiver and transmitter had a fax machine and telephone line. What had taken days could be accomplished in hours, and the efficiency of corporate life greatly increased.

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Forty years later, most offices still have some form of original fax machine; and though it may be smaller and sleeker than before, it functions in almost the same way. Until recently, no significant advancements in faxing technology had been made, aside from image crispness and greater page memory send fax from computer windows 10. Now, one option available to a business looking to improve its efficiency and save on costs is Internet fax.

Internet faxing can take several forms. One is a traditional-type fax machine that can also send images over the web. Another is a modem that has the capability to send and receive faxed data. The most recent, and least cumbersome, are Internet fax programs, which are typically offered by a local telephone service provider or as a piece of purchased software. A true Internet fax does away with the need for bulky machines and paper, and instead sends faxed documents directly to a designated email account or online account. Many come complete with a toll-free number that clients who have traditional fax machines can use, and that can convert incoming fax data into document and image files.

The most basic advantage of an Internet fax model is cost. Faxing over the Internet eliminates massive long-distance charges, especially if a large document is being sent, or if the destination is overseas. Because the fax is sent using the already existing Internet connection, there are no additional costs tacked on. This can amount to a significant savings in the long run. In addition, Internet fax software eliminates the need for any expensive hardware, limiting costs for repairs, paper, and toner.

Internet fax options also allow a computer to receive faxed documents even when the computer is off, and to receive multiple faxes at once, a limitation that has always plagued the traditional fax machine. As well, documents come securely, and can only be viewed by those with access to the destination email account or online fax account. This limits the leaking or dissemination of classified or restricted information. An Internet fax also allows the sending of documents, in any form, either to another Internet fax program, or to a traditional fax machine. This means that even when a business starts faxing over the Internet, they will not lose the ability to communicate with those who have not made the switch.

Aside from a cost perspective, faxing over the Internet saves a company what is inevitably the most limited resource they have – time. Modern phone-line fax machines can transfer data in the space of a few minutes, but Internet fax can accomplish the transfer of any data file, regardless of size, in mere seconds. As well, the lack of any physical machine means that issues such as paper jams or a lack of ink and paper cannot impede the sending or receiving of information. The ability to send and receive multiple files also cuts down on cost, as does the fact that the Internet fax program can be installed on multiple computers. There no longer needs to be a wait for the fax machine, or the fear that it might break or fail to transmit an important document.

Because an Internet fax does not use a traditional land line, it also eliminates the dreaded busy signal. Instead, faxes are instantly received, and if the maximum number of concurrently downloading documents is reached, they can simply be queued. This helps eliminate missed and re-sent faxes, and helps track down incoming faxes, as each one will be stamped with the time and date it arrived in the company’s email account.

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