Thu. Jan 20th, 2022

Credibility is expressed through every single element of your business and its operation. Any flaws in the efforts to establish your credibility will ultimately be your downfall. In the expansive competitive marketplace, your only arsenal to exceed is to create a professional and credible image for your company.

With the use of the internet to find services, the only thing a potential client will see before ever contacting you will be your website. While every business worthwhile has a website, it is important that your website will exceed all others by appearing professional, experienced, trustworthy and credible.

1. Create a professional brand

A company brand goes well beyond a quality logo or business image. A brand is expressed as a purpose of your company and is the ultimate image that relates your services and identity as a business. Your brand is a goal and a promise that should be expressed in every aspect of your business operation. Everything you do, should reflect back to your brand.

A logo is a prime example that will assist in brand development. This image, when seen, should stand for everything your business offers. Your logo should be professionally designed to specifically identify your brand.

2. Identify your purpose

When in business, you must realize what the purpose of your company actually is. If you cannot instantly identify what problem your company is aimed to solve, I suggest rethinking of going into business in the first place. The purpose of your business does not need to be completely unique, but tailored solely towards a specific niche.

The purpose of your business will be your marketing message to display exactly what your business is aimed to solve.

3. Establish a competitive advantage

Only an oblivious business owner will say that they have no competition. The truth is that no matter what industry you are in, you will be faced with competition. It is no surprise that the word competition stems from the word compete defined as “To strive against another or others to attain a goal, such as an advantage or a victory”. Victory is the ultimate goal and in order to achieve victory, you must realize and plan to create your competitive advantage.

Some basic examples of competitive advantage are; price, service, quality and simplicity.

4. Showcase previous work

Potential clients are always conscious and aware of a possibly inexperienced or unqualified company. In order to ease these worries and promote outstanding work is to never hide examples and case studies of previous work.

This provides a physical and real-world sense of actual work your company has provided. It demonstrates your companies ability to deliver.

5. Showcase client testimonials

Testimonials are an excellent source to provide instant levels of trust and credibility. A simple paragraph written by pleased clients will express the good nature of your business. It is a wise idea to request a quick testimonial from all of your clients it is never a bad thing to have too many client testimonials.


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