Thu. Jan 20th, 2022

Anything that changes your physical appearance permanently is not something to be taken lightly. It is best to know exactly what to expect after the surgery has been complete, and this includes knowing what your new nose is going to look like.

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During your initial assessment, computer imaging can be used to review how your physical appearance will be altered after the surgery. This computer imaging software is known as a nose job simulator F95zone .

Nose Job Simulator

By using this type of simulator, a surgeon can explore the various results and whether or not they will be aesthetically pleasing. The patient can use the software to decide which new structure they are interested in. When a patient has more than imagination to use for their new nose, it may give them the confirmation that this is, in fact, the right procedure for them and get excited about it.

When you meet with your surgeon, pictures will be taken of your face and they will be downloaded into the software. Pictures will be taken from different angles to get a complete appraisal of the structure of the nose. Those pictures can now be altered to present options for a Rhinoplasty.

Different surgical options will be explored with your surgeon and you will come to an agreement on which surgery is best. If any surgical options are not available, the nose imaging software will be able to calculate the inability, preventing any surgical surprises during the procedure.

Some patients walk into the surgeons believing they desire a different nose, but with computer imaging the surgeon can illustrate that while their nose is actually aesthetically pleasing, they may be more satisfied with a chin augmentation to achieve facial balance.

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