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In difficult times such as these it becomes increasingly important to find direct marketing ideas that really work. You can ill-afford to waste a hard-earned marketing budget on a campaign that fails. However, the temptation is to save money and plump for an inexpensive mailer such as a leaflet, flyer or small booklet. The problem here is that whilst the product may be inexpensive, the results are very often disappointing. A quick search of the internet looking for “direct mail response rates” will soon tell you that you can expect less than half of one percent response from a mailing of a leaflet. Ok, so you can buy thousands of leaflets for relatively little outlay but you must consider the other costs. There is the cost of the envelopes; the cost of inserting the leaflets into the envelopes and adding a label; the cost of the mailing list and, of course, the cost of the postage. Suddenly this doesn’t look like an inexpensive option for a minimal return on your investment!

Today’s perceived wisdom in direct marketing is to target real prospects rather than do a blanket mailing and give your customers a mail shot with impact. The mailer should satisfy 4 main objectives:-

One area that fits these criteria is dimensional marketing and in particular, automatic 3D pop-up mailers. These products are made out of paper or card and are fairly light, keeping the cost of postage in check. They are all custom printed giving you the freedom to publicise your product or service in exactly the way that you want it. They have automatic pop-up action created by internal rubber bands which are capable of providing the surprise element which will capture your customer’s imagination . They are fun and encourage your customer to interact with your mailer by checking out the pop-up action repeatedly. And, if you want to ensure that the pop-up mailer sticks around for a while then they can easily be presented as desktop pen holders or calendars custom printed mailer boxes near me .

Pop-up mailers are designed using paper engineering and cardboard engineering techniques and a because of this they are available in many shapes and styles. Pop-up cubes are extremely versatile, offering plenty of space for your sales message whilst being easily converted to a pen holder or a calendar. Other popular shapes include pop-up pyramids, pop-up balls and shapes that look like castles, boxes, houses, diamonds and a variety of geometric shapes.

Pop up mailers are available from a number of companies in many countries and one such company, Whitney Woods, has websites worldwide so you can easily check out the possibilities of pop-up mailers for your future direct marketing plans.

Article by Paul Whitney.

Whitney Woods Ltd is a manufacturer of promotional marketing products designed using sophisticated cardboard engineering techniques. The company is a market leader in this field in the UK and publishes a range of over 50 products covering the areas of promotional pocket media, interactive marketing products, information discs, promotional pop up cards, creative folding and automatic pop up mailers.

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