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Manly men, confident and romantic, buy delicious, delectable, dainty, delicate, salacious and sensuous lingerie for their women. Any occasion, including no occasion whatsoever, provides an appropriate occasion for a thoughtful gift of lingerie.

Women seldom buy luxurious lingerie for themselves. They imagine it is too self-indulgent, or they fear they never will enjoy opportunities to wear it. In a world filled with children and deadlines, lingerie seems an extravagance – causing them often to go for discount lingerie or on-sale pieces. Therefore, your gift of lingerie reassures your woman of her essential femininity, her natural sexiness bielizna damska, and her beauty. You cannot give a more intimate gift than lingerie. Of course, a gift of jewellery expresses your love and devotion, and a gift of fragrance expresses your esteem. When you give lingerie, though, you express your pure desire. You give shape and form to your passion, making your woman feel feminine and wanted. You must, however, choose your gift with taste, attention, and care.

Buy lingerie tastefully.

Yes, as you shop for lingerie, you walk through a minefield. You cannot shop for lingerie the way you buy boxers for yourself, briefly scanning the store and grunting, “Yeah, this is good.” You must buy lingerie with consummate respect for a woman’s style and build, and especially with compassionate consideration for the parts of her body that make her self-conscious. You cannot dress your woman like a two-bit tramp or a want to-be porn star. You must choose pieces that accentuate your woman’s assets and cleverly conceal her less-than-perfect features. Most of all, you want your gift to make your woman feel alluring, not indecently exposed. You want your gift to come as a pleasant surprise, but “pleasant” remains the operative word. Naturally, you should begin conservatively, working gradually toward the more exotic stuff when you have a better sense of your woman’s tastes and limits. Tasteful may not, however, translate to expensive. You can search for high quality discount lingerie and make your choice.

Buy lingerie properly.

Learn your woman’s sizes and preferences. Man-up and look through a catalogue with her, or ask her to put post-its on some of the pieces she likes and really would wear. Do not go rummaging through her dresser drawers. Do not ask her best friend for guidance and counsel; and do not even think about asking your daughter. Frankly, if you do not know your woman’s sizes and preferences, give chocolate and expensive perfume, because nothing hurts or insults a woman more than a lingerie gift that is just flat-out wrong in every way. No matter what the labels and catalogues say, one size does not fit all; and, no, the little sorority sweetheart in the store at the mall does not “look just like your woman.” Women have curves, not bumps. If you feel doubtful, you should enlist a sales associate’s assistance, but you cannot ask her to collude in your fantasy.

Give lingerie thoughtfully.

For your first bold venture into the lingerie market, think “teddy and tap pants,” “camisole,” or “chemise.” Focus on frilly, lacy, and decidedly girly-girl. Also focus on simple and elegant, because no woman really wants to spend hours strapping into some contraption that will stay on for less than a minute. You try to manage slippery little garter snaps with freshly manicured nails; the whole idea just defies nature. In the old days, women had servants to lace their corsets; these days, women are on their own.

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