Mon. Jan 17th, 2022

Admission season is in full swing, with the onset of monsoon. Students are preparing for various exams that can give them a ticket to pursue higher studies in various fields. Chartered Accountancy or C.A. as it is popularly known is considered the highest qualification for a commerce student and it used to be the dream of a bright commerce student to pursue C.A. However, with the changing global trend many commerce students are now opting for MBA in finance as it gives them the opportunity to rise in the corporate hierarchy MBA .

A crucial factor that has lead the commerce students divert their attention, energy and resources away from a reputed professional course like C.A and opting for MBA in finance is long duration. For pursuing C.A, you require a lot of work hard, perseverance and above all long years. It sometimes happens that some people who start to pursue C.A in their twenties and end up finishing it in their thirties. It is highly specialised where the aspirant has to give their 100% efforts and time.MBA is a two years programme and at the end of that you get a placement with some reputed business house.

Moreover, the course is more about the theory and less of practical learning. In corporate world working in real-life scenario matters more than having theoretical knowledge. Thus, they prefer candidate with MBA in finance as these professionals have an experience of working in stimulated situations like summer internships programme, thus have an eagle’s eye view of various business operations.

Doing MBA in finance definitely gives you the benefit of developing an insight into the world of business. As a part of management programme, you will learn about every single aspect of the business management and operations that will you versatility to handle not only the financial matters of the company, but also make you multi-tasking who can handle every matter of business.

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