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We have to start this discussion with an introduction to the concept of ‘heavy metals.’ We come to realize that such metals are termed as being ‘heavy’ on account of their atomic weights. Examples of metals would include mercury, barium, lead and nickel. Some of those are metals we interact with on a day to day basis. Others are rarer metals. The most important thing about them, which would be of interest to us in this discussion, is that they tend to have many negative effects on our bodies, should they find their way into the bodies. It has, for instance, been argued that the higher incidence of various cancers in the modern human populations is attributable to the metals (such as mercury and lead) that we are interacting with very frequently nowadays.

As a further foundational block to the gist of our discussion, we may need to mention that our bodies are largely poorly equipped when it comes to ridding themselves of these metals. Exposure to the metals is a relatively new phenomenon, and our bodies are yet to create the evolutionary adaptations to deal with such heavy metals. What therefore happens is that whenever the metals find entry into our bodies, they stay put in there (where they actually start circulating in the blood stream). Without any mitigating actions, there is absolutely no hope of such heavy metals ever leaving our bodies Roid24.org . That wouldn’t be so much of an issue, if the heavy metals simply stayed in our bodies without exerting any effects. But things become very tricky when we recall the fact that it is those heavy metals that are blameworthy for among other things, the increased incidence of various cancers. What that means is that inasmuch as you take no proactive steps to rid your body of such heavy metal toxins, you are very likely to end up suffering from various health woes (including the said scary cancers).

Now one of the things you can do to get rid of the heavy metal toxins (arguably the only reliable thing you can do in that regard) is to ‘flush’ them out of your body using zeolite supplement formulations. What happens here is quite simple: the metal toxins, being positively charged, are attracted to the zeolite ions (which are strongly negatively charged). Once attracted in that way, the heavy metal toxins get trapped by the mineral’s sieve-like molecular structure. The moment they are trapped in that way, there is no way they can find their way back into the bloodstream: they are eventually carried to the exit points of the excretory system.

Now as many people come to learn, the typical zeolite supplement will tend to be much more expensive than most other supplements. Many people will want an explanation to this. And that is where it turns out that the difficulty with which the zeolite that is used in making the supplements is obtained is largely what makes the supplements expensive. Noteworthy here is that industrial grade zeo is not suitable for making supplements. To make supplements, you have to make use of naturally mined (rather than industrially manufactured) zeo, which also has to very thoroughly cleaned and processed. All that costs money – and the end result is where the supplements cost more than most other supplements; especially those whose ingredients are simply obtained by harvesting plant parts.

Contrary to what its ‘synthetic-sounding’ name suggests, resveratrol is actually a natural chemical. It is formed when certain types of plants are under attack by pathogenic micro-organisms: mainly fungi and bacteria. As a natural chemical, then, resveratrol has always been with us for thousands upon thousands of years. It is probably something we -as the human race- found ‘just as it is,’ seeing that plants are supposed to have been formed earlier than animals. In recent days, however, resveratrol has come under a lot of attention, after it was discovered to have a number of interesting effects on animal bodies.

Lab animals, injected with resveratrol, were seen to get what were effectively ‘anti-aging’ effects – so that effects that passage of time was expected to have on their bodies were shaved off with the injection of resveratrol. Taking cue from this, scientists decided to investigate further, whether in fact resveratrol couldn’t have life extension effects. And indeed, it turned out to have such life extension effects – so that lab animals injected with it had their lives extended significantly. It was later to be discovered that resveratrol could help with conditions as diverse as diabetes, heart problems and perhaps even certain types of cancer.

The discovery of the beneficial effects of resveratrol, naturally, lead to a great demand by people who were seeking to use it and get access to those benefits. To feed this great demand for the chemical, it because necessary to harvest it naturally (and later to make it in laboratories), and then make it into supplements. People could then purchase the resveratrol supplements, and get access to the chemical in that form. To this day, the resveratrol supplement trade is booming: the resveratrol supplements industry being what is estimated to be a billion dollar industry.

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