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Most education authorities, colleges and universities will recruit invigilators prior to their May-June and January exam periods, so the weeks or months before then are the best time to start looking. If you have a child at school, keep an eye out for any announcements in the school newsletter. Anyone can check out your local borough council website for positions at local schools, which will need people to oversee GCSE and A-level exams CISM certification cost . You could even contact your local schools directly to see if they need extra help.

This is where a little tedium may set in. You must remain alert throughout the entire exam, to remain on the lookout for students who need help, or those who may be using less than honest means to finish their paper. This means you CANNOT use the time to read or write yourself, and definitely not stand around chatting with the other invigilators. You will have to:

For colleges, universities and adult education authorities, search for vacancies on their individual websites. Many also go through recruitment agencies or advertise on job websites, so try your luck with these (tip: a quick search on the Net for ‘exam invigilators’ should show the most current crop of positions). Gumtree might also be a good place to look for adverts. Obviously, school exams will be during school hours, while university exams may run until a little later, making it an ideal temporary job for part-timers, retirees or stay-at-home parents.

Training is provided so you don’t need any experience – basically if you’re responsible and you’re available to work, you’re in with a good shot. Some places will require a CRB check, depending on their individual policies. This can be tricky to get at short notice but if you ask around in advance you should be able to get yours in time for exam season. Depending on whether you need a standard or enhanced CRB check, it takes between ten days and four weeks to process.

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