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My Scene Dolls are a series of dolls made by Mattel, with their own Internet profile pages, besides various lives that are featured in DVD movies. The dolls originated in 2002, but by 2003, the My Scene dolls started to be packaged with DVDs containing short videos, set to music ラブドール通販 . Besides the movies gaining popularity by being featured on the Nickelodeon cable channel, the My Scene DVDs became favorite home movies for many little girls.

Jammin In Jamaica, Masquerade Madness and the My Scene Goes Hollywood are the movies in the series. While the original My Scene dolls are featured in the movies, there are special edition dolls that were manufactured as guest stars in the movies, including Jai and Tyson for Jammin in Jamaica, along with Lindsey Lohan and Ryan Ridley for the My Scene Goes Hollywood movie.

The little dolls have lives that are as individual as their ethnic backgrounds, skin tones and hair colors. While there are common characteristics, they each have different personalities, if you read their Internet “profile pages” on the MyScene.com website. Those that have seen their video clips can see it is evident that they are friends that share a passion for having fun. Young girls can live vicariously and play with dolls that feature a wide diversity, along with many accessories, play-sets and they each have a special pet or pets.

If you have a young girl that has asked about My Scene dolls for a gift, it helps to know there are a variety to consider, but there are some girls that have the entire set of dolls and a variety of their accessories, clothing and the entire DVD sets. For some doll collectors, the My Scene dolls are a collectible set of small dolls, but the newer My Scene dolls are popular with young girls to this day.

The My Scene My Bling Bling dolls have become controversial dolls, which feature faux diamonds and jewels from head to toe. They also feature a fun purse, cell phone and make-up to totally “glam” them out, coming with a sparkly “bling” ring for the little girl that owns her. Dressed up in a sparkling halter and short miniskirt, with high white boots, fur shawl and jewelry, the 12″ My Scene dolls may be dressed a little too inappropriately for younger girls, unlike the previous dolls in the series, according to some parents.

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