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Massage therapy is a natural medical remedy for many ailments like chronic headaches, insomnia, constipation, joint pains, and many more. According to a trusted massage spa is Sarasota, FL, regular sessions of therapeutic massage can help increase your chances of avoiding colds and muscle fatigue by 4 times.

How Often Should You Get a Massage?

Different massage techniques can target different conditions. Dr. Annie Bond of Sarasota explained some of the common massage techniques that help improve certain physical conditions.

SWEDISH MASSAGE uses soothing, tapping and kneading strokes to work the entire body, relieving muscle tension and loosening sore joints 오피스타 . Swedish massage therapists use five basic strokes for the treatment. They are effleurage-stroking; petrissage-muscles are lightly grabbed and lifted; friction-thumbs and fingertips work in deep circles into the thickest part of muscles; tapotement-chopping beating, and tapping strokes; and vibration-fingers are pressed or flattened firmly on a muscle, then the area is shaken rapidly for a few seconds. A According to a Venice, FL massage therapist, Swedish massage is ideal for people experiencing insomnia and muscle fatigue.

DEEP TISSUE MASSAGE targets chronic tension in muscles that lie far below the surface of your body. You have five layers of muscle in your back, and most massages like the Swedish massage, can only reach the first two layers. A deep tissue massage uses slow strokes, direct pressure or friction movements that go across the grain of the muscles. Massage therapists will use their fingers, thumbs or occasionally even elbows to apply the needed pressure. According to one massage spa in Sarasota, many patients feel sore after a deep tissue treatment, but this is just a natural reaction of the body to the heavy and slow strokes.

SPORTS MASSAGES are designed to help athletes train and perform better. The techniques are similar to those in Swedish and deep tissue massage, but a Sarasota therapist says a sports massage has been adapted to meet the athlete’s special needs. Pre-competition massage can help warm up muscles and improve circulation before competition, but it can also energize or relax an athlete and help him focus on the competition. Post-competition sports massage can detoxify the body of waste products and hasten recovery.

REFLEXOLOGY is a bit different from most massages because it focuses on vital points on our hands and feet. This massage technique works with the idea that there are specific points on our hands and feet, directly connected to our organs like the liver, heart, lungs, etc. Reflexology manipulates these points in order to improve the functions of our organs or even treat it from its dysfunction. However, a Sarasota massage spa suggests that pregnant women avoid this massage because it could induce labor.

PREGNANCY MASSAGE is designed, strictly for the pregnant woman. This massage is also known as a prenatal massage. A Venice, FL massage therapist says the technique help pregnant women get through the common pains of pregnancy like back ache, leg cramps, headaches, and anxiety. Using a special massage table that can accommodate the growing belly, the therapist then targets the lower back, the legs, and neck, and the head. One Sarasota therapist reiterates the importance of avoiding the hands and feet during a pregnancy massage because it can cause premature labor.

A massage is a perfect sensual meeting between two people. One person gives while the other receives in total harmony, and total peace with each other. That is how a massage should be and if all the preparation is done correctly that is more likely the result.

However, not all massages turn out this way. More often than not, people do not prepare themselves for the massage and as a result the massage they do get is not at par with the great massage or even worse, a horrible, horrible massage.

It could be too much or too little pressure, cold hands, or just a cold disposition from the massager or the recipient. Fortunately, you can protect yourself from something like this by simply preparing for the massage itself.

One of the first things you need to do is to set the mood. Before both the therapist and the person receiving the massage can give their full attention they need to be put into the right state of mind. You can begin by dimming the lights so that they both can focus on the touch and not be distracted by their sense of sight.

Music can also help relax both the therapist and the subject as it soothes them. Some classical music is a good way to relax. Soft romantic music is also a good choice if you are giving a sensual massage. Rock music is probably one genre music that you should steer clear off.

Massage can be a taxing experience for the therapist and if he or she is not fully prepared physically, you would not be able to give the best massage possible. If you are the therapist you have to ensure that you are strong enough and limber enough to provide the right pressure and move those muscles right. If you are not feeling well or feeling a little bit under the weather, it would be better to just postpone the massage or have someone else do it.

At the same time, before you accept a massage, make sure that you are feeling well. Getting a massage while sick can be excruciating because of a slightly more sensitive skin. Having the flu, for example, can make a simple rubdown feel as though someone is running a sheet of sand paper across the skin.

Preparation is not always physical in nature, mental preparation is also vital to a successful massage. The massage is supposed to calm a person and give them relaxation. With a stressed out mind, you will definitely be distracted from what should have been a pleasant experience.

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