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Hand-made jewellery can be made of any precious or non-precious material. The only rule that applies to hand-made jewellery to be authentic is that all the machines like drills, lathes, etc used in making the jewellery must be hand driven. Only if this rule is strictly followed can a piece of jewellery be stamped as ‘hand-made’. More time is taken in making hand-made jewellery as each piece has to be carefully crafted by the craftsman and that’s why it’s more expensive than machine-made jewellery.

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People, especially women, prize hand-made designer jewellery as they know that it has been made by a master craftsman. Also the designs are exclusive and customers know that the hand-made designer jewellery that they purchase will not be replicated buy gold in dubai . handmade silver jewellery makers produce their own designs and they are not copied by other craftsmen. Each has their own style, and specialises in making jewellery from a certain metal. Gemstones are used in making most hand crafted jewellery as they add to the beauty and value of it.

Celebrities and well-heeled people want jewelery that is rare and exquisite, and love to buy hand-made designer jewellery. They also go to the extent of getting the jeweller to ensure that their jewellery will not be copied and will maintain its rarity. Some even go as far as hiring a jeweller to make it exclusively for them.

Hand-made jewellery is readily available in Australia and now jewellers have their own websites as well. If you want to purchase a rare piece of hand-made designer jewellery you can visit their websites and see their collections. Of course you can also design your own jewellery and get a jeweller to make it. Hand-made designer jewellery is very delicate and you can admire the skill of the craftsman that has spent a lot of time and effort in making it. At times, an exclusive piece of hand-made jewellery may require months to be made. The craftsmen are like artists and till they find the exact gemstones to place in the piece they will hunt around for it.

Hand-made designer jewellery is commonly made in the two precious metals (gold and silver). However hand-made designer jewellery can also be made from other materials,such as ceramic. There are quite a few jewellers in Australia that make handmade silver jewellery and can be found easily on the internet. The gemstones used in making exclusive hand-made are also of rare quality. But that does not mean that other semi-precious stones are not used. The use of gemstones depends on the design of the piece and the stones that will enhance its beauty.

During the Victorian era, golden jewellery was made into simple styles that were highlighted with lots of fretwork and often a small tasteful gem stone. Today, these early golden treasures are being reproduced in the same antique styles that our ancestors adored. It is possible to get pretty solid gold scarf pins, shimmering collar pins, and pretty pendants or bracelets that are hard to tell apart from their antique inspirations.

The delicate Victorian-inspired solid gold jewellery comes in white gold, pink or rose gold, and in the yellow gold styles. These beautiful reproductions can be sold at value prices due to the cost of gold on the marketplace today. Unlike the larger styles in high-quality jewellery, the Victorian-themed jewellery is delicate with lacy looks that are made from fragile smaller golden curls. While the costs for these types of pieces are often less, the feminine Victorian jewellery look is often more desirable than chunkier items.

The golden bracelets, gold filled pins, and bracelets that mimic the older times are often coupled with a blue sapphire, red ruby, or fresh water pearl. These three types of gems were very popular jewellery decorations during the 1880’s and 1890’s. Sapphires and rubies were often substituted for diamonds in gold wedding band settings before 1910. Solid gold necklace chains often included a tiny gem on the clasp. In these early gold jewellery fashions, it did not matter if the chain gem matched the gems in the gold pendant that was clipped or strung onto the front of the multipurpose gold necklace chain.

The Victorian-inspired delicate gold jewellery makes very nice gifts for young women and adults. Due to the high-quality look to the small pins and delicate gold necklaces, this style of jewellery is often used with work attire. Golden scarf pins, collar pins, and cluster pins can be used alone or in combinations that can keep their presentation constantly changing. Younger women often enjoy wearing the small solid gold scarf pins in their hair or attached in unusual places such as on stockings or backpacks.

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