Mon. Jan 17th, 2022

Article writers put their work online for many reasons. One of the main reasons is to generate interest and linking to their business site. Every day, bloggers and webbers are looking for fresh content for their sites. Some write their own work. Some use ‘free’ content available to anyone. Some use work with reprint permission. But many, known as scrapers, take whatever they want from wherever they want it and claim it as their own. These people search the web looking for work they can take, lock stock and barrel, and don’t give you any recognition at all, let alone any back links, which is often the primary purpose of an article in the first place.

I recently submitted an article titled: 10 Easy Ways To scrape google Lose Weight to another article site and received an email asking for a ‘please explain’ as they had found this article on another site – other than the one I had posted it on. They gave me the link but it had already been removed. I wrote back to the article site telling them of this, giving them the link to my original article and a declaration that it was in fact totally my own article and came only from my own experience, knowledge and way of thinking.

I conducted a Google search and came across my article on a number of sites, and found my way back to what appears to be the original plagiarism on a site called goxini (dot) com. My article was there in total, without a change of word, and WITHOUT ANY ATTRIBUTION TO ME OR LINKS TO MY SITE.

Undiscovered? Not this time. Constantly blogging? No way. The owner – Kelly is the name given on the site – has been discovered and I am taking what steps I can, including contacting google, although this is a somewhat ‘legal’ process. However, this is a copyright infringement, and needs to be dealt with. It has nothing to do with money or reputation, although my reputation as a professional writer is very important to me. It is a straightforward case of plagiarism.

I’m sure this happens all the time, and probably is not discovered most of the time. It might pay for everyone to keep a close eye on their articles however, unless you have given Reprint Permission that is. I did not. I marked the article as being available to the original site and my site only, and I own all other Rights exclusively. There is a clear banner at the bottom of the article, provided by the original site, which states:

It would not be as bad if my name was attached to this article copy but it was being claimed as the work of Kelly, who apparently manages to keep her blog updated daily by simply cutting and pasting from other sites. And to add insult to injury, she was making MY article freely available to anyone who wanted it and also providing an RSS feed to it. She has at the top of the Share It page:

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